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I believe that Albertans need a strong and collaborative Official Opposition party in Edmonton to keep our government accountable and hear our voice.  Today, the Wildrose party is that voice, and together we can make it stronger by adding another Wildrose MLA in Calgary Greenway.  


I have always felt that the best way to represent people is to join them at their community level.  This is where real concerns are voiced, and where real solutions are generated - at democracy's grass roots.  It is a philosophy that fits well with the unique characteristics of the Greenway riding, and a philosophy that the Wildrose party shares.  


In the next month, my family, friends and community will be working hard to help me win the Wildrose nomination process in Greenway.  I am asking for your help to spread the Wildrose message, become a party member, and participate in the candidate selection process at our nomination vote on March 5th.  

With cultural diversity, oil and gas, economics, and international business as part of my history, I feel well positioned to represent the riding of Calgary Greenway, by way of the Wildrose party.  I hope you will help us!

Robin James Martin

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Robin is a commercial professional from the oil and gas industry, with Alberta-based and international business experience. 

Robin has been involved in Politics both provincially and federally for the last 17 years, including most recently as the Campaign Advisor for Deepak Obhrai, MP for Calgary Forest Lawn. He is an active participant in the Wildrose party, and the Federal Conservative Party since its origins as the Reform Party of Canada.

Robin has strong ties to the many diverse communities in eastern Calgary.

Core Conservative Philosophies

  • Accountable, and transparent Governance

  • Strong Family Values, and Senior Care

  • Patient-centered Health Care

  • Strong Education Foundation

Democratic Governance:

  • Grassroots democracy creates a "highway" between community concerns and the Legislature. Solutions come from the community, not from bureaucrats.  

  • Seving the public is a priviledge.  Cronyism and eliteism is not acceptable.

  • Open and fair candidate selection is a core value. 

Sustainable & Longterm Solutions:

  • Supporting families and fueling the economy through low taxes.

  • Balancing budgets is a priority.

  • Saving for the future to manage economic downturns.

  • Government spending needs to be streamlined to maximise benefits for all.

A focus on Communities

  • Placing a priority on a stronger
    foundation for Early Childhood, and Grade School Education, including reducing a backlog of schools.

  • Patient- Centric solutions for our changing demographics and over stressed Health Care system

  • Solutions focused on Real People, Real Issues and executed Real Time


For more on WHY WildRose? Connect with Robin directly....

Robin's Message



Who is Robin
Why Wildrose
  • 17 years of Oil and Gas experience

  • Business and Economics degrees

  • 7 years in international business 

  • 17 years of community engagement


  • Married to Priti Obhrai-Martin

  • Father of 2 young children

  • Born and raised in Medicine Hat

  • World traveler, avid skiier, and outdoor enthusiast



Feb 26, 2016



Church of the  

Latter Day Saints

Monterey Park

7017 California blvd NE


10am - 8pm



403 991 6757

403 975 6752


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